I am a science communication specialist for the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences writing center at Penn State University. As part of my position, I provide one-on-one coaching, workshops, and classroom experiences to help undergraduates become better science communicators. My science communication efforts have fostered multiple experiences:

Storytelling coaching: I recently became involved with science in storytelling. Mixing science with story presents complex information in understandable, relevant, and engaging ways. Stories also help people connect science to their ways of living. Consequently, stories change mindsets through connections to the heart, which prompted my involvement with storytelling. I created online modules for undergraduates and faculty on digital storytelling. Additionally, I co-taught a course on science communication and water resources in which each undergraduate produced a digital story.

Developing science communication resources: I develop resources and workshops for undergraduates that increase access to science communication training. For instance, I co-developed an online guide for science communication in the College of Earth and Mineral Sciences. I also co-organized a workshop series that coached undergraduates on creating posters, lightning talks, or digital stories for the Celebration of Undergraduate Engagement.