I am a landscape ecologist and PhD candidate in the Penn State Department of Geography, examining forest-fire dynamics with Dr. Erica Smithwick. Prior to pursuing my PhD, I received a BS in Biology from Duke University and a MS in Geography from Penn State University. I also participated in field research focused on fire-adapted landscapes in South Africa, Florida, the Pacific Northwest, and Wyoming. My own research has been published in Landscape Ecology and Diversity and Distributions

My field experiences in fire-adapted landscapes inspired questions on disturbance, spatial pattern, and resilience that shaped my research trajectory. My current project asks questions about the ways seed source area and arrangement support post-fire tree recovery. To answer these questions, I use approaches from landscape ecology, remote sensing, and forest ecosystem modeling. My current project is funded by a NSF Doctoral Dissertation Improvement Award, National Geographic Early Career Grant, Joint Fire Science Program Graduate Research Innovation Award, and NASA Pennsylvania Space Grant Consortium Graduate Fellowship.